My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations — John Green

I sat in front of a computer screen staring at tiny numbers for six hours today.

I toggled spreadsheets and created chart after chart after chart.

I’ve got a new job working for my anthropology advisor in his lab. I’d already been working there, but now he’s paying me. I’ve never been this happy to do grunt work. Today we discovered that two of our tests, which are completely separate, corroborated each other for something we weren’t even expecting to show.

This is really, really awesome and I’m very, very excited to go to work barefoot, but I am so tired. I’ve been working normal hours at my regular job and then fifteen(or so, I stayed twice as long as planned today) at the new one. I had so many plans for posts and topics and things to talk to you guys about before I started this job and now my brain feels like mush. I haven’t been back to the psychiatrist. I thought my appointment was yesterday, but it wasn’t and now I haven’t any idea when it is. As I said, I haven’t been medicating. I’m definitely square one material and I remember, very clearly, why I went in the first place. I’m hardly keeping up with daily life right now, let alone having deep thoughts about the universe.

I want to have time to think about the universe, but I’ve barely got time to sleep.


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