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SSA Wrap Up

So, I just arrived home from SSACon 2012. I promise I will tell you how amazing it was momentarily, but first I have a small apology/explanation.
This is Why I May Have Been a Dick at SSACon. (and also my wrap up of the con itself)

Friday/Saturday: my flight was delayed so much I was forced to miss my layover. So instead of spending the night alone in Chicago, I decided to spend the night on a redeye flight to Cleveland. Long story short, I got no sleep and by the time I went to bed Sunday morning i had been awake for about 42 hours. I was not having anything to do with functioning.
Other Stuff: as I keep going on about, my meds are a mess. And I know there are no excuses, but I’ve been having a really hard time being social like normal. Well, I say normal. This is more like normal for me, but I do not generally find myself in a large group of people that I actually want to interact with. I dissociated a bit at bonnaroo, the huge music festival I went to last month, but it didn’t really affect me because I wasn’t there to make friends or network or whatever you want to call it. So, large groups make me pretty weird and I want to apologize if I did anything that made you think I didn’t want to spend time with or not like you. Because I probably like you a lot. I’m just not very good at actually spending time with people.
So, now on to the fun part. I get to tell you all the wonderful things we got to do!!
So, as I said, I didn’t arrive until halfway through Saturday, but still, half a conference is awesome. So, first I went to the Social Media talk, which was good, but I honestly already knew most of what was going on there.
Social media is my bitch.
We had a freaking catered lunch, which was delicious, but I was so starving I didn’t take a picture.
Then there was the crazy group photo where you can maybe see me if you look close enough, right below Happy Atom.

Yeah, see that giant blue sphere of amazingness? That’s AAA’s logo and it’s on someone’s head.
I had no idea how structured our group was going to be, but we made sure we had someone at every single thing all weekend. It was a little nuts.
So then I was off to see SB Morgaine who was absolutely fantastic, Sarah and Ben who gave me all kinda of crazy ideas about tabling, and I ended up missing most of Andrew Seidel’s How To Get a Job in The Movement because of an ill-timed call from my parents.
The next thing that stuck out to me was Ted Cox and of course, the evening main stage. Everyone killed it.
Sunday was entirely different for Michael and I, since I basically followed him around trying to get people to sign the Atom. It was really fun and we got to hang out with Dave Silverman and David Fitzgerald. I got to talk to the Camp Quest people and see JT for about half a second. He was the first and last person I saw.

Conferences should always begin and end with hugs.


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